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Luminescent Scout Woggles

By Valhalla Scout Woggles, Dec 22 2017 09:36PM

The luminescent scout woggle is an idea that I found a few years ago when I came across an image of some Electroluminescent Wire (also known as EL Wire) tired into a Turks Head Woggle and it was glowing. It looked great and wanted to make some of my own.

The first tests were fairly sucsessful and they sold well but I just wasn't happy with the overall look of the woggle or how rigid it was so I came up with the idea of using a length of paracord, removing the inner strands and sliding the EL wire through the center of the paracord. It worked even better than I had expected.

The other advantage of using paracord which I discovered after was I could now use multi-coloured paracord which essentially allows me to now create any colour of Luminescent Scout woggle that I want instead of the very limited number I was restricted to when I was using just the EL Wire.

The Luminescent woggle is perfect for activities that take place in the dark of night.

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