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Welsh Scouting Scout Woggles

By Valhalla Scout Woggles, Dec 17 2017 10:17PM

Welsh Scouting Scout Woggles
Welsh Scouting Scout Woggles

The Welsh Scouting Scout Woggle is another woggle that was both put together and designed by me.

I wanted the woggle to reflect both Welsh Scouting and Wales hence why the woggle features the Welsh Red Dragon upon a White and Green Background (much like the Welsh Flag) however I wanted the Dragon to be in a more upright stance (as opposed to the more usual side on view) clutching a Shield with the Fleur De Lis on it, incorporating the Scotuing element but also to keep with the same kind of design/layout that I had adopted for my Scottish Scouting Scout woggle.

The woggle is instantly recognisable as representing Welsh Scouting and is the perfect woggle to show off your Welshness at International Scouting events such as the World Scout Jamboree.

The woggle is antique gold plated with enamel colouring on the front and a gold coloured stainless steel ring on the rear of the woggle.

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