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By Valhalla Scout Woggles, Jan 10 2018 09:20PM

So here's a little insight at how I have gone about designing some of my Scout Woggles such as the Rainbow Unicorn V2, Scottish Scouting, Welsh Scouting and now also the English Scouting Scout Woggle.

In the instance of the "English Scouting" scout woggle that I've just finished designing. It started with a baisc layout that I had already put together from my previous designs which I printed off. I then drew out some basic circles and lines around the Fleur De Lis to get the general stance that I wanted for the Lion and then began to lightly sketch the outline, before eventually filing in a darker outline and adding the finer details.

Once the design is complete, I would scan it back into the computer and then draw it using the free program Paint.NET - using the scanned sketch as if I was tracing the sketch.

The final stage of designing and getting one of these woggles made is sending it to a company that I've used a few times, based in China, that specialises in creating challenge coins, keyrings and other metal souvenir products. They convert my design to a picture that their machines can interpret and once I give it approval, they turn my design into reality. All that's left is for me to attach the ring to the rear of the challenge coin in order to turn it into the final finished product.

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